AE the Cool is an R&B/Soul recording artist, singer-songwriter out of Augusta, GA. AE was the product of a singing mother and showed signs of artistry early in life. She began singing in church and, though she was shy, her mature vocals spoke for her. In an attempt to break out of her shell, she began performing under the stage name of AE the Cool in 2015 and built quite a name for herself in the eastern region.


AE released a 5-track EP titled “Forgive” in early 2019; the intro track titled “Heart Shot” is a fan favorite. Following “Forgive” came two well-received singles, “Cool-Aid” and “Wild Things.” The source of her unique neo-soul sound comes from a blend of jazz, hip-hop and R&B, inspired by the work of influential talents such as Nina Simone, Prince, Kendrick Lamar and Erykah Badu.


AE the Cool takes you on a journey of the past three years of her life in her first EP - Forgive. A story of hurt, self-discovery, and forgiveness, Forgive was written at a time of reflection and growth. It was shared with the world, so others will be reminded that their feelings are valid and growth is necessary.

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